LanLe = LANguage LEarning

This is an application for language learning by watching movies with subtitles. Click unknown words and add them to your personal dictionary, then sync with Anki for memorizing process. This is just a pet project. So, be kind, please. I have a lot of ideas on extending functionality and I'll be glad if this project helps somebody. If you find a bug, or have some ideas, please contact me by email or by telegram, let's chat in lanlegroup.

About the current version:

  • Great pool of language learning directions. You can learn by subtitles English, German, French, Spain, Italian and much more languages.
  • Supports Google Translate;
  • For English language learners there is information about a word from Urban Dictionary;
  • LanLe can works even without internet connection. It use FreeDict dictionaries. Great project with free dictionaries, witch you can improve by yourself;
  • For English language learners there is a small library from YouTube. You can extend it by yourself.
  • LanLe supports YouTube subtitles (starting from version 0.0.27). Android devices: press "share" button under the video, then select LanLe app. Desktop version: you need to add video to the Library first.
  • LanLe has an expert mode of the language learning process. When you use it, you don't see subtitles until you don't understand some phrase. If this occurs, tap the right side of the movie. This cause short back rewind. LanLe will repeat this short episode with enabled subtitles. This way of learning will force you to understand oral speech. You can enable this mode in settings, it's disabled by default;
  • Can use subtitles from the movie file, if it has some.
  • You can switch audio streams if video file has several of them.
  • Unknown words and phrases will go to your personal dictionary. Then you can export them to Anki - awesome and very popular application for memorizing. LanLe will create cards for you.

You can participate in the application's interface translation. Appreciate your help!

Application is available on Android. here is a link on Google Play.

For Windows:

For Linux:

Short video. It's a bit outdated, sorry.

One more video from one of the users: